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Hi, I'm Stefanie

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Milwaukee Estate Planning attorney

I'm passionate about helping Wisconsin families protect their assets and preserve what matters to them for generations to come.

When I first started practicing law in Milwaukee, I realized the estate planning industry isn't designed to serve growing families or protect their children to the fullest extent possible.

That's why I started Trinkl Estate Planning, S.C.

My goal is to offer Wisconsin families and individuals a holistic and welcoming approach to estate planning and asset protection.

After my mother passed away unexpectedly, I was left with only a handful of emails and messages that she left behind. And the opportunity to share our stories, dreams, and goals with each other was gone.

I never want families to feel that same loss. That's why with every estate plan I work with you to capture and pass on your most valuable assets - your stories, experiences, and values - to the ones you love.

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This Isn't Your Typical Law Firm

When you think about lawyers, a certain image comes to mind. You think of intimidating suits, stuffy offices, and cold demeanors.

That isn't Trinkl Estate Planning, S.C.

Traditionally, working with a lawyer goes like this:

You go to the lawyer's office for a will or a trust because you've heard that's what you need. The lawyer asks you a few questions and then suggests a plan for you.

It's very likely he won't take the time to educate you about all of the estate planning options available and what each one really means for your family. He tells you how much the plan will cost but you don't fully understand what you're paying for.

Because you trust the lawyer as a professional, you sign the documents he suggests for you. Then you go home, put your new documents away, and never think about estate planning again.

Here's where things get messy.

When you pass away or can't take care of yourself anymore, your family will need your estate plan to guide them. What they find is an outdated will or trust that doesn't cover your life as it is today.

In the time after you made the plan, your assets have changed. You bought and sold property, had another baby, got divorced, invested in stock.

If your estate plan reflects none of this, your family is left piecing together your estate and fighting over who gets what.

This isn't what you wanted...

I know, I've Been There

As a former attorney at a traditional firm, I saw first-hand what happens to families when an estate plan fails, and I've seen it happen in my own family.

Maybe you forgot to tell your lawyer about the piece of land you bought up north...

and it was never put into your trust. You paid thousands of dollars for the trust to keep your family out of court, and now they're tied up in the very thing you wanted to avoid.

Or you had a new baby daughter...

but never named a guardian for her. Now your siblings are fighting over who will take care of her. Thousands of dollars that were meant to go towards her care wind up going to the Wisconsin court system and litigation attorneys.

stressed man

Maybe your son struggles with addiction...

and now the inheritance you left for him has been completely depleted in a month's time.

That's why it's so important to work with an attorney who listens and takes the time to create a comprehensive estate plan that changes with your life.

I've developed a system to check in with clients to ensure nothing in your life is left out of your plan.


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