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Wine & Wills

Join us on Wednesday, June 30 at 5:00 pm for a wine tasting and Estate Planning Education covering:

1. Why you need an estate plan, even if you aren't rich (And, how it may be even more important for families of modest means).

2. The 3 things your estate plan must include to keep your money out of the hands of the government (and almost certainly doesn't right now, even if you've worked with a lawyer).

3. How often your Will or Trust needs to be reviewed and updated to ensure they work and don't become a pile of expensive and useless paper in your desk drawer.

4. What estate planning should cost and who pays the cost of "too cheap" plans.

Where: Vino Third Ward, 219 E Erie Street, Milwaukee, WI 53202

Seating is strictly limited, so register today! Tickets are $15 per person.

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How to Appoint a Legal Guardian and Protect Your Kids


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