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You Just Took the First Step...

...toward planning for everyone you love and everything you cherish. I'm honored for the opportunity to help you protect your assets, family, and legacy.

I look forward to learning about you and your values. We'll work together to discover the best method to achieve your goals and keep your loved ones out of the courtroom if something happens to you.

In one sentence:

I help families build a plan that protects them today and preserves their story for generations to come.

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Still on the fence?

It's completely normal to feel hesitant about estate planning. No one wants to think about a time that we won't be there for our families.

Estate planning goes beyond planning for death - it plans for your life by:

  • Protecting your assets
  • Ensuring your rights
  • Giving you the peace of mind to live your life to the fullest...

    ...knowing you've done everything you can to protect all you've built.

How We'll Work Together


We start with a careful review of what would happen to you and your loved ones under your current estate plan, or without a plan.



Once you're equipped to make an informed decision, we'll work with you to design a plan based on your goals and values.

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Most estate plans stop short at protecting your financial assets. I'll help you preserve and pass on what really matters to you.

Having A Will Alone Does Not Ensure The Care Of Your Kids If The Unthinkable Happens To You!

If you are a parent of minor children who are counting on you, your estate plan must begin with ensuring your children would always be taken care of by the people you want, in the way you want, no matter what happens.

Have Kids at Home?

Then you need to name legal guardians. 

Do it here for FREE.

Having A Will Alone Does Not Ensure The Care Of Your Kids If The Unthinkable Happens To You!

At the very least, you want to name legal guardians to care for them for the long-term. And, it needs to be done legally.

That's why we've created a website to make it easy for you.  You can name guardians for your kids for free right now.

Once you name guardians for your kids, you will rest easy at night knowing for sure...

What would happen to your kids if something were to happen to you?

Yes, I want to name legal guardians for FREE right now! 

Live Events

Don't let estate planning scare you!

Learn to choose the right guardian to love and care for your children if you can't.

Then, document your choice by creating your own legal nomination at the workshop.

When: Thursday, October 21 at 6:30 pm

Where: Muskego Circle Community Center, W Janesville Road S63 W13694, Muskego, WI 53150

Seating is limited, please register to save your seat.

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How to Appoint a Legal Guardian and Protect Your Kids

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